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Buying provigil Created in 1994 on the initiative of Ms. Nora Di Benedetto Gonzalez Pozzi conditioned rooms and works in the Teatro El Circulo de Rosario.
In successive stages, with the effort and resources, they are rescued, recycle and equip thirteen rooms that were in disuse for its state of disrepair. They recover in 1994 on the second floor, the room corresponding to the song and the extension of the foyer sector.
In 1998 Mendoza Street entrance, administration, the Presidency and Chambers Robin Wood, Broadway and Fama are enabled.
In 2001 the right wing of the third floor, fourth and fifth refuncionaliza theater.

Dream, work, grow ... A permanent challenge where his collaborator and friend, add imagination, experience and work ...

Assistant Director: Josefina Let them Aliani

Nora Gonzalez Pozzi shares with his vocation for children.
He studied classical and modern dance and specialized in child education.
He attended courses and workshops on management, staging and scenography of musical stories for children.

He was assistant director in the staging of the "For love of art and children" at the Teatro El Círculo and responsible for their general at the head of the commission "Adorers Children 's Theater" production.
He collaborated with the teacher and professor Eduardo Ibáñez, in the creation of "Pro-ballet Rosario".
In 1990 and 1991 he was invited by the "Fraternitas" Foundation for the management and implementation of "Rosario sings Christmas" at the Monument to the Flag.
Since 1994, he is assistant director and staging, serving as deputy director in the ECM since 2002.

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